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I wanted to catch her reaction to the dried cum on her tits and jammies.

Need to tun in the next progress item..." "Ah yes, Professor Digby's famous project.

She and I went to the magician's shop downtown to buy those handcuffs she uses on you..." "Huh?

There's a button on there to press and they release." Very interesting... do you think I could borrow a set of your REAL handcuffs?

Vickie, his hot older sister who's a senior at his college. And not just a regular ass spanking, I spanked and slapped her tits, and she loved it! But she forgot to lock the door from our adjoining bathroom. I could hear her lightly snoring and could smell the booze and cigarettes on her. but a few of the front strands are hanging down, framing her luscious face. The face of one of my sister's best friends, Michele.

Vickie has had our boy handcuffed a few times which pisses him off, but she also gets his rocks off so there's some mixed feelings about that. I molested Vanessa's gigantic tits, came in her mouth... She wouldn't let me fuck her, or lick her pussy, either. Form the glow of her clock radio, I could see about half a boob peeking from her flannel pajamas. You've all seen ' Animal House', right? In my sister's latest little torment/game, she had me handcuffed to the bed, naked with an erection, and brought in Vanessa and Michele to tease me. However, Michele could see this and pretty much put an end to it and got everyone out.

We also have Vickie's friend Vanessa of the H-cup who isn't fat and yes, there is such a thing, (she's real, trust me! Vanessa and David had a rather wild time but no fucking. I could have forced the issue, but she did threaten to kick my balls. Pinto is looking at the passed out chick, and an angel and devil appear on each shoulder, each with conflicting advice as to his next course of action. The fact that Vickie came back and titfucked my cock was nice (ok, it was fucking awesome!

" "I haven't spoken to Vickie about that yet, she was passed out when I got home." "I don't think she knows. I've been afraid to stop it, though, because... I really want to fuck her and make her cum a million times... I mean she has deep love for you that will never go away.

I know." "In spite of all her good intentions, I still want to get back at her.


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    "The school has been too lax in what it allows." Student Daniel Walton can live with the new rules, especially the one that prevents girls from wearing short shorts. "He thinks he's going to be the next Lean on Me Dr. "He's a good principal; his rules are just too strict." East High School students and their parents must follow a new set of rules imposed this year by the school's new principal, Dr. Rules causing the most concern among students are those focusing on hair and clothing.

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