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After Chloe confesses everything to James, he decides to go forward with the reunion and calls his former castmates, only to learn that they all hate him because of something he did when the show ended.After a talk with Mark-Paul Gosselaar, James realizes that he should put Dawson's Creek behind him and focus on the future.Ray Ford, who plays Luther, was promoted to a series regular for season two.Liza Lapira was originally announced as having been demoted to a recurring role; ultimately she appeared in only one episode ("Dating Games...") that was produced for the second season.She tries to tell June, who automatically thinks it is a ploy to get her to leave the apartment. After getting caught having sex with Steven on June's birthday cake, Chloe explains to June that she only did it to prove he was a cheater.

She learns that Steven is cheating on June with multiple women.Chloe encourages June to have casual sex with the coffee-shop customer she is attracted to.However, once the guy becomes emotionally attached to June, Chloe insists that she breaks up with him.They bond and discover the beginning of an unusual friendship.Following June's breakup with Steven, Chloe sets her up with a guy she believes is perfect for her, Scott (Michael Landes).The series follows June Colburn as she moves from Indiana to New York City to pursue her dream job – until she finds out that it no longer exists.


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    In "Double Dipper," Dipper makes a complicated, step-by-step list to help himself impress Wendy at the ticket stand when Stan sets up a party at the Mystery Shack.

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    Następnie w roku 1988 wystąpił w komedii Tima Burtona Sok z żuka (Beetle Juice), melodramacie Mike Nicholsa Pracująca dziewczyna (Working Girl), komedii kryminalnej Jonathana Demme’a] Poślubiona mafii (Married to the Mob) oraz dramacie Olivera Stone’a Talk Radio (1988).