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Atlas map of Scandinavia with Oslo, Norway highlighted. And if you tell me what time it is in New York again, you are going home in a body bag! What do you think The Gap in Rome has that's not in The Gap on Broadway? (Rises to show George out) Um, you need a hand here. You know they think I'm handicapped, they gave me this incredible office, a great view. Cosmo Kramer Guest Stars: Wayne Knight..................... Vegetable Lasagna Shannon Whirry................... I don't want to hear how interesting the change with the hole in it is! Elaine (to flight attendant): Hey, you gonna bust out that drink cart or what?

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Jerry: Because I killed first and warmed up the crowd.

There has always been a special bond between a girl and her dog, I don’t know where it came from or how it happened.

Girls’ dogs are like their children: they feed them, change them, care for any and everything they need, so when getting into a relationship with a girl who has a dog, here are some things you need to know.

Some guy from NBC saw my set, he wants me to do a showcase.

Bania: Thank you, thank you, (To Jerry) Hey, Jerry, didja see me up there?


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