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Failure to comply with this deadline would result in the forfeiture of their estates.

The Oath Act was combined with the Catholic Taxation Act which looked to raise some £100,000 from a levy imposed on all Catholics aged 18 and over.

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In all, the National Archives at Kew holds nearly five hundred separate rolls for the Solemn Association of 1696.[5] The 1723 oaths do not appear to have matched the 1696 association in scale and scope but they were prompted by similar concerns and also represented a significant administrative undertaking.

Jacobitism represented a significant threat to the Hanoverian regime.

A subsequent act, passed in March 1724 explained that women did not need to take the oaths or register their property.The association was consciously modelled on the Elizabethan ‘Bond of Association’ of 1584 which had been formed after the Catholic Throckmorton Plot to kill Elizabeth and replaced her with Mary Queen of Scots.[4] However, the 1696 association, which required those taking it to acknowledge William as ‘rightful and lawful King’, represented a far more significant undertaking than its Elizabethan predecessor.Whereas the 1689 oaths to William and Mary had only been tendered to officeholders, the association was imposed on the public at large, not only in Britain but in its colonies as well.An explanatory text accompanying published texts of the Oath Act made clear that the women as well as men over the age of 18 were to take the oaths if they had not done so before.One implication here was women property-holders would, like men, need to register their estates if they would not swear the oaths.If so, enjoy these video stills from my collection of guys tied up or bound in movies and TV shows.


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