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In January 1999, when Jon Stewart became the host of The Daily Show he tapped former Onion writer/editor Karlin to be head writer of the newly restructured show. When I got back to Los Angeles, they offered me the head writer job".

"He had heard about this group of Onion people in L. and, in a weird way, I was the de facto ringleader of our group in L. From March 3 to March 7, 1999, writers and editors of The Onion attended U. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colorado in part to promote the forthcoming Our Dumb Century anthology and were met with effusive praise for their work from notable comedians such as Conan O'Brien, Dave Foley and Dave Thomas as well as cartoonist Peter Bagge and musician Andy Prieboy.s first fully original book, Our Dumb Century was released.

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But it's pretty obvious that the producers' aim is to get everyone arguing with each other to make good TV.The Onion is an American digital media company and news satire organization that publishes articles on international, national, and local news.Based in Chicago, the company originated as a weekly print publication on August 29, 1988 in Madison, Wisconsin.In the spring of 1996, Ben Karlin and Dikkers collaborated with Robert Smigel and Dana Carvey to create four short Onion news segments for The Dana Carvey Show.Smigel said that after being introduced to The Onion by Bob Odenkirk a year earlier, "it jumped out at me as something completely original and great, and I really wanted to use it on the show".In the fall of 1996, Ben Karlin—who had been a writer/editor for the publication since graduating from the University of Wisconsin in 1993—moved to Los Angeles and joined other former Onion staffers to create a pilot for a news parody titled Deadline: Now for the Fox Network.


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