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It supports text and voice messages, group chat, sending files. Electronic We Chat is a third-party We Chat client which uses the Electron framework to package the Web We Chat.

In this tutorial we will look at how to install Electronic We Chat on Linux. Choose linux-x64gz or linux-ia32gz according to your OS architecture.

(There are other, perhaps better, ways to do this in We Chat which we will delve into in another post later in this series.) To pin an article to the top of your We Chat hold down on the chat thread and the above menu will pop up, select ‘Sticky on top’. t=win_weixin&lang=en Using the above links, download the desktop app and you’ll see it’s pretty similar to the web page version.

This is the current latest Windows Version There are two recent updates worth mentioning to the windows version which make this version different from the web page version.

We Chat is a free Whatsapp style social networking app featuring video conferencing, QR code invites and a few other interesting features.

We Chat is cross platform and includes individual and group messaging with text, voice notes, images, videos and location data.

Using We Chat PC version solves 2 big We Chat pain points, especially important for those using We Chat someway for your business or work (i.e. Speed of typing / Copying and pasting large chunks of text 2.

Transferring files back and forth between your laptop/desktop and your mobile devices If you want to use We Chat PC version on your desktop or laptop then there are 2 options: Using these desktop versions won’t help you if you’ve lost your phone.

We Chat also saves your chat history so that you can search it any time.To use We Chat PC version on your desktop, you must be logged in on a mobile device.We Chat is built for mobile first (more on this at the end of the article).Link: Going to the above web address you will be prompted to scan the QR code with your phone: Login in and you will see this kind of interface: Clicking on the little green note icon allows you to read your official account news feeds You can of course also see your contacts and that’s it apart from some simple settings in Chinese that you can play with.Basically, it’s a stripped down version of the traditional mobile app. users can subscribe to any of its accounts decision bang me asking if you are ...


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