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2014 is the year in which Dropshard achieved artistic maturity with the release of their second studio album, Silk (Sonic Vista Music, now in its second printing), hailed by international critic and by the public.Silk's first single release, Insight, is included in the compilation The Art Of Sysyphus Vol.The name Mavara translates to "beyond everything you think" which speaks to the essence of their music.The band was formed in 2001 by composer/keyboardist Farhood Ghadiri and over the years has had a fluid line-up of members, performing extensively in Tehran and Karaj.Dropshard, formed in 2007, have reached over the years the attention of the international public devoted to Progressive Rock.The sound of Dropshard roots in the 70s Prog and in the contemporary Prog/Alternative scene, creating an interesting and innovative contact point between these different genres.

A must-have for any and all traditional metal aficionados, "Into a Dark Divinity" proves Mausoleum Gate are one of the scene's best new true metal torchbearers.Clean and basic sounds, mixed with the deep and expressive voice of frontman Enrico Scanu, are the hallmark of this band. The first one, Anywhere But Home (distributed internationally by Sonic Vista Music, an English record label), came to life in 2011.Here the style of the band finds its first expression in a suite of eight movements and in the bonus track Freedom Supermarket (one of the most acclaimed songs in Dropshard's live performances).With the entrance of Marco Mancaniello behind the drums, at the end of 2015, the sound research of the band can finally keep on going.The Ypnos project was born (in current formation) in October 2010 by the collaboration of five musicians from the rock band Bologna.Singular, alluring and able to captivate audiences of all varieties, Mausoleum Gate represent a new front in authentic vintage metal.


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