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Would Musgraves’ successful country career, like Swift’s, turn out to be a trojan horse to break into something even bigger?No, it seems: onstage she wore the same boots and fringe, brought along the same band and the same fluorescent cactus backdrop, sang the same, was the same.Kiss lots of boys, or kiss lots of girls if that’s what you’re into, she sang on her second breakthrough track, “Follow Your Arrow.” Light up a joint, or don’t.When I meet her for the first time on a bright white Texas morning, just about the first thing 26-year-old Musgraves does is swap nose rings with her sister, so she’ll look better for the photos we’re about to shoot on horseback.But I don’t think I’m informed enough.” Rather than change too much, she’s keeping the scale of her music comfortably small.There’s a line on Musgraves’ new album, on a song called “Good Ol’ Boys Club”: Another gear in a big machine don’t sound like fun to me.“I’m talking about a lot of different people,” Musgraves tells me, when I ask about the double-meaning.“Any industry has its shoo-ins and people that get in because they know somebody, or their dad worked here, whatever.

Critics from NPR and the New York Times celebrated her progressive words and conservative sound.“Do I want to be comfortable, to live my life however I want within reason? “She’s managed to maintain her privacy and her sanity, so it seems, and her witty sense of humor,” Musgraves says. She’s got, like, 27 Grammys, and she hasn’t been beaten into the ground.I’ve never heard anyone say they’re sick of Alison Krauss.” Still, when Katy Perry invited Musgraves on tour in early 2014, and CMT announced that the pair would co-headline a TV special, the news produced, in me, a familiar cringe.In order to do that, she’s going to need a bigger bus, and in order to afford a bigger bus, she’s going to need to do more than sell out Billy Bob’s.“The idea of massive amounts of fame—having my face on Walgreens end-caps and pizza boxes—I don’t fantasize about that. I’d rather have smaller numbers [of fans] that are really into what I’m doing than a massive amount of people that don’t really know what I’m about.” —Kacey Musgraves How that will happen isn’t exactly clear.The morning after the show in Fort Worth, following an overnight drive of 300 miles south, Musgraves and the crew on her bus awake to the sound of a marching band, as the town of Helotes’ annual Cornyval parade passes just outside their window.


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