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Our policies and procedures designate the Owners for consultation on significant ethical, technical and industry questions.The policies and procedures a re designed to assure that clients receive the best professional services we can provide. We expect our employee's to identify and resolve all important engagement issues.I was hooked on sailing from that time forward and always dreamed of having my own sailboat someday.In July 2003 I began sharing a 2001 Hunter 320 with other individuals, and moved up to a 2005 Hunter 36 in July 2005.Acabamos de ver ese penoso espectáculo en la 42 reunión de la OEA celebrada en Cochabamba.En efecto: Rafael Correa, Hugo Chávez –representado […] Continue Reading por Carlos Alberto Montaner (FIRMASPRESS) Mariela Castro es un personaje interesante y contradictorio.

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Additionally, I have a unique ability to communicate new and foreign concepts to students and prefer a hands-on and incredibly patient teaching approach.

Policies and procedures have been established providing assurance that professional engagements are properly planned and executed.

Decisions are based on the substance of issues, not form.

is seeking professional, hard-working Tax Professionals. We demands independence, integrity, objectivity, competence and due care from all of its personnel.

We are structured to provide leadership in achieving high quality professional performance while maintaining the concept of individual responsibility.


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