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Nandor was a lawyer and received numerous awards for the work he did during the war and for the undergroung movement. My grandmother, Julia Palko, was born in Szurte which is south of Ungvar so she is also out of the area you cover. Can u somebody help me to find if he has some family there? 10/15/2007 AM To Carol Sue Strenocski - I have read discussion below, Carol Sue was looking for some relatives in Senviz, now Krasna Luka. Maybe i can help her to contact her with some relatives here in Slovakia.

Their father was an architect and I believe owned a construction company. 3/21/2008 PM I was in Warsaw, Poland in July 2004 and purchased a hand carved wood nativity and creche. On the back of the creche is the name Marian Opis of Nroctan, Polska 2003. Never the less I am anxious to learn everything I can about the beautiful country of Slovakia. My mother is from Novysedlak family there in Krasna Luka, also for now Novysedlak family branches live there. Jane Jana Istvanova Kosice, Slovakia Slovakia - Mon.

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My paternal granmother was Mary (Marie) Kundrat (spelling unsure). 10/12/2008 PM Bill, I just found a gold mine today --- your website! I'm searching for information/contacts for the following: PRIBISH/PRIBISS, CONJELKO/KONGELKA and BLASKO from JAKUBANY, GLOVNYA from MALCOV and TELMANIK and STEFANOV from SNAKOV.

I have been researching my maternal grandmothers origins for twenty years. Her marriage certificate said she was from Austria, my mothers birth certificate said her mother was from Czechoslovakia, and my grandmothers death certificate said that she was from Hungary! We finally discovered that she was from Slovakia, and have visited her home town four times. We have found family members who have received us with great hospitality. Also searching for the creator of ANDREW MIHALY & CATHERINE GLOVYNA genealogy to provide missing information.

Also, does anyone have any other ideas as to where I can find info on him?? Thank you My father Karol PJOSEK was born in Jablonka, Austria-Hungary on 17 December 1885. 4/23/2008 AM great idea with your website, wish you very very success in finding your relatives in Eastern Europe:-) and sorry, little mistake in a word CIRKEVN, CIRKEVN and so E, thanks:-) noosha czechia - Fri. Thanks, Bill Tarkulich I reply to the message of Mary Johnson [email protected] If you have an inquiry or desire direct correspondence with me, send an E-Mail message.3/24/2008 PM My mother was born in Ungvar, Hungry 1918. He was the oly other sibling to move to the States. they eaven have baywac' born by ostrava and now live in Canada in Waterloo city. I have found the Church online, I believe, and the person/phone number/address of the responsible person. Joseph Yezowicz (born 1902) and Anna Yezowicz (nee Bielese)(born 1909) eventually settled in Canada as did my Father Anton Lipovsky (born 1917). My Father's Mother was Suzanah Lipovsky (nee Yezowicz) (born abt 1892). 11/2/2007 PM Im looking for some relatives in Canada (Toronto).Two of her brothers Nandor and Janos both changed their sir name to ZACHARIAS. 3/17/2008 PM I have found my paternal grandfather in Osturna which is to the west of the area you cover. My Father his Mother and two Sisters left Jablonkov in 1937. My forefather Imrich Istvan Homa has moved there from Senviz, Slovakia, now Krasna Luka, for work around the 1920s. We have information that he died there maybe around 1969 there.4/18/2008 9:9 AM Looking for Halko, Nicholas Anna Kochan son Theodore there were more children but names unknown.


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