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Movies would lose a lot of the classic comedies such as American Pie and other films where sex is fused with comedy to create entertainment.

With the entertainment business almost completely merged with sexual connotations it would almost impossible to enjoy any film that wouldn’t be rated r.

The reason they are being taken down is for a reason that is breaking the law so many believe it shouldn’t be removed.

The fact is legally google has no right tobremove content a blogger post just because it talks about sex.

For this who luckily save the blogs which google is basically illegal removing will be taken down sometime this year.

Many bloggers and other viewers are outraged because of the downright disrespect google is showing their customers.

Sex a natural experience that happens between just about everyone in some point and time in their lives.

For that preceded information to be taken away from people is very unfair to citizens.

If the law abides with it the company should as well.Even with rated r films sexual connotations being deleted could completely destroy the movie.Films and photographs could eventually be affected by the move google is making by taking down these controversial blogs.Freedom of Speech If the words said aren’t threatening a person directly or group of people the freedom of speech should apply.No matter if the material has curse words or is speaking of something with sexual connotations a blog shouldn’t be deleted because of it.Trickle Affect With the deletion of things on a blog about sex a domino affect could occur.


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