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45) Are you a member of any societies or associations? 48) Are you a people's person or do you prefer your own company? Flirting can sometimes become an awkward thing to do if you don’t have very many good, flirtatious questions to ask.When it comes to talking to a guy you’re into you want to make sure that you are asking all the right questions and letting them know that you are into them, in a subtle way.Question #21.) Would you consider yourself to be shy?Why it’s Flirtatious: Asking this question may get a nice glow on your crush’s face as he blushes.

He may get almost offended with you for asking and hopefully respond with something like, “Well, duh, of course I would treat a girl perfect!When you ask a guy if he is single, you are totally flirting.Question #3.) What do you like to do better: Cuddle or Makeout?Understanding the Game Playing In a Group Playing With Two People Asking Questions Community Q&A Have you ever wanted to ask someone a question, but weren’t sure they would answer?The game “21 Questions” is a great game to play if you are trying to get to know someone, have a group of friends who want to know more about each other, or have a romantic partner you want to learn more about.Why It’s Flirtatious: Again just one of those super flirtatious complements that will make him smile. Why It’s Flirtatious: You wanting to know if you’re on his mind a lot is telling him that you actually care and that you are thinking about him a lot, too. Why It’s Flirtatious: Asking this kind of lets him know that you are thinking of him as a person to watch romantic movies with… Why It’s Flirtatious: If he hasn’t made a move on you by now and you ask this question, it should give him the idea that you are thinking about taking that first step. Why It’s Flirtatious: Asking a boy to tell you his turn-offs implies that you will try to avoid that list of things in the future. Question #18.) Would you be interested in going out sometime?


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